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I’ve decided to be a little crazy this November and challenge myself. I’m joining alongside the author of Locust and Honey, Lori Harris, for a November writing challenge. It features a daily prompt to encourage creativity and just plain ‘ole good writing. Honestly, I am praying it will stir some things in my soul + clear some brain fog.

Today is day 1 of the challenge: Say the quiet part out loud.

As a photographer, I really only enjoy kid photo sessions.

That took me 13 years to say out loud. Interestingly, I just said it to a friend last week. She said, “I know. I watch you and know that you love kids and teens as your subject.”

This post isn’t anything groundbreaking or theologically heavy. This is just me. Finally being honest, out loud. I like watching kids play, run, laugh, not smile, maybe even cry. I like to see the snaggle tooth, the costumes, brothers wrestling, sisters sharing secrets, and puddle jumping. I love pretty dresses, sparkly shoes, bow ties, and soccer jerseys.

My love for the camera has been around since middle school. I have always wanted to capture creation and moments. I asked for a “real” camera when my oldest was born. I knew life would go way too fast and I needed to capture it as much as possible. It was during that time I began to study and practice the art of photography.

I think there are a lot of assumptions about just buying a camera and suddenly knowing what to do with it. This wasn’t the case. I took classes, seminars, webinars, and courses, had mentors, and asked for constructive critique. Admitted when I had failed a session and knew when I needed to re-do sessions. I swallowed my pride A LOT and just kept practicing. I haven’t arrived. My knowledge is always growing and my love is always deepening for photography. Sometimes I make rookie mistakes, and I am 13 years into this!

Several years ago I “semi-retired”. I often laugh about this statement with close friends and photographer colleagues. I am not in a position to be a full-time or even part-time photographer. So client moments are rare. But kids…. gosh they make me want to be a full-time photographer.

This morning I was cleaning off some memory cards for a major media project I am working on. I found these images from a month ago. Nothing spectacular. Just my #2 and my golden. I had just received a new lens and wanted to test it out. These are just a few of my favorite things…

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  1. Lori Harris says:

    My favorite kind of phototgraphy. Hands down. I so wish I had let someone do a regular ol’ photo shoot in my house when my kids were younger. I’d have loved to have captured a full day of us simply living…with me in the photos. I’m so glad you’re writing with me as often as you can, Pam! Today has been so much fun!


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