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There are so many hats that we wear as women. Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Counselor. Coach. Chef. Travel Consultant. Maybe some of those describe you? Despite the fast paced world with many demands, there is purpose and joy to be found in living a Christ-centered life. 

No matter what life looks like for you, your story matters to Christ. Through His word, hope can be found, purpose can be discovered, joy can be embraced. I want to journey with you in living a life that is Christ-centered with purpose and joy!

i'm so glad you are here!

There is just something about a porch... with a swing! You can often catch me on social media stories sharing about life from my porch. I call them "porch chats". 

I love my porch

I have lived my entire life less than 3 hours from the North Carolina coast. It's my happy place. My place of rest and relaxation. The place where I re-center my mind and soul, and focus on God's amazing creation. 

Salt life is the life

Boy mom life is the best! Despite all the crazy boy stories I could share, there is nothing sweeter than my boys. I love their sweet snuggles and hugs... even when they smell. 

i am a mom of 4 boys

I know everyone says that, but I DID! My hubby and I were great friends before we started dating. We had some funs times full of laughter and silliness. Those things have only multiplied into marriage. If you aren't having fun in marriage, you are doing it wrong. 

I married my best friend

This love dates all the way back to middle school photography club. I got my first DSLR shortly after the birth of my first son and there was no looking back. I spent several years photographing families/children as a side hustle. 

I love photography

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Pam has a variety of services to help women. She has a passion for mentoring women through various life stages, as well as providing opportunities to stay focused on Christ. 
Whether you are interested in biblical mentoring or discipleship groups, Pam is here to journey with you!

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