Bible Verses when overcome with fear

It’s unavoidable, the moment when fear suddenly overcomes you. I have been a follower of Christ for over 25 years now, and I still have moments of fear. Regardless of how intense the situation may feel in the moment, the fear just takes over.

How do we handle the overwhelming presence of fear? Two things:

  1. Pray. I know that sounds so simple, because it is. We must go to the Father. Having a conversation with God about our current situation and the fear that is grabbing ahold of our mind and hearts.
  2. Read the Word. God’s spoken Word, His voice, is our very present help in times of trouble. We need to read the word, speak the word out loud, and really reflect on the comfort of His words.

Here are a few Bible verses that I find comfort and guidance in when fear tries to grip me.

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