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In this podcast episode, Pam takes a look at Daniel as an example of what having a consistent routine in Christ looks like. How can we apply a routine in our relationship with God and not make it legalistic? 


Today, I want to discuss a fun little topic, one that I think that we all recognize is important in our life. Yet, we’ve never wanted to be tied down to this word. We also don’t want to appear legalistic, so now that I’ve piqued your attention, let’s discuss the big word routines. As I said it. Let’s discuss routines, specifically routines concerning our walk with Christ. This is one of those subjects that often gets a little tricky because it has the tendency to sway into legalism, but it also means that we are accountable to ourselves. And deep sigh who really wants to do that in life. I mean honestly, wouldn’t it just be great to just kind of float on the breeze. Today I want to talk about a character from the Bible that just gives us a glimpse of what a healthy routine looks like and how much that can really play to our advantage. If you are familiar with Daniel, you know that he was quite the fellow. And it seems that no matter how much turmoil or craziness and chaos seem to befall his path. Daniel just kept his eyes focused on God. What a great example of just saying focus on God. That this man is, I am specifically looking at the part of Daniel’s story that is found in Daniel six. And This is the Daniel and the lion’s den.

The famous children’s story that so many of us have literally learned our entire childhood. So I want to read just a little bit of Daniel six to sort of set us up for the background of what’s going on, and then really jump into the meat of the story here. Daniel six, starting with chapter one, it pleased Darius to set over the kingdom 120 say traps. To be throughout the whole kingdom and over them three presidents of whom Daniel was one to whom these say traps, should give account so that the king might suffer, no loss. Then this Daniel became distinguished above all the other presidents and say traps because an excellent spirit was in him. And the kingdom plans to set over him the whole kingdom. 

Okay, so we’re just given a preview into Daniel, and we know that one thing, that one thing that really jumps out right now is that there was excellence in him. Okay, there was a spirit of excellence in him like we sort of need to keep that in the back of our mind. But isn’t it that when we have these great setups of men or women of God in the Word. We can always tell you that the big moment is coming next when someone is out to get them right, so here it goes in verse four. Then the presidents and the say traps sought to find a ground for complaints against Daniel. With regard to the kingdom but they could find no ground for complaint or any fault because he was, faithful, and no error or fault was found in him. So, sisters, Daniel is just rocking and rolling in the kingdom. There’s a spirit of excellence in him. no one can find any fault. He is in this position under King Darius where he is elevated to the highest position under the king, because of the godly man a godly character that he possesses. Darius is attracted to this, obviously, because he sets him up in the positions that he does. 

Now, as the summer goes on these other people that are in the government positions try to find fault with Darius. They cannot find fault with him, so they’re like you know what let’s create a trap, and so they go before the king and suggest that the king, have this 30 days of no one bowing down or giving praise to any God, but only King Darius. And honestly, in Darius’s defense, he thought Wow, this is a really awesome way to unite my kingdom where they’re focused on me the king. So he approves the official document is signed. Now keep in mind the position that I just told you that Daniel possesses. This is not like some big top secret, and he has no idea that Darius is going to sign this document. So, this document is signed and then for 30 days, no one is supposed to bow down or worship or praise any other person. But the king. We can jump down to Daniel six verse 10. When Daniel knew that the document had been signed, he went to his house, where he had windows in his upper chamber open toward Jerusalem, he got down on his knees, three times a day and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he had done previously, the document is signed, and Daniel is aware of it, and Daniel’s like great, great that’s awesome. Way to go.

I am actually going to go into my own personal prayer room, and I’m going to spend time with God, just as he had previously done, ladies, this is a really good part in the story, when I need to interrupt and I need to give you a smidgen of a background, but this point we’re already in Daniel chapter six and so if you’re familiar with Daniel we’ve got all these things with previous kings and some craziness and, we found that throughout Daniel’s life that he has to stay focus, and kept his attention on God, by this point this is 70 years of him serving. So I want to put this into the perspective of verse 10 that I just read. When the document has been signed Daniel went into his chamber Okay, his upper chamber, open the windows that were open towards Jerusalem, got down on his knees three times a day and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he had done previously. As he had done previously for 70 years, let that sink in for a moment, for 70 years, three times a day, this man went into his own private moment and bowed down and prayed before God. 

I am most certain that Daniel was a man of great faith. And that faith came because he also meditated on the word. He knew the word, he knew the law, and that’s why he was found of an excellent spirit and faithful. Daniel was faithful because of the life that he chose to set up for himself, by consistently spending time with God. So what does that mean for us? Actually, Daniel is a really good example of healthy and holy routines, and when I mentioned in the beginning that we have the tendency to sway towards legalism. I want to share a little story with you for a long time, I lived under condemnation that I did not read my Bible first thing in the morning as soon as my feet hit the floor. I’ve been told by so many people for so long, that that was how you successfully lived, the Christian life. That was what you did. And if I were quite honest with myself and everyone listening right now, it just did not work for me. And so I lived under this condemnation that I could never be the quote-unquote successful Christian that was proposed to me, that was set up. And that was advised that you live by these standards. 

Now, what I recognize now in life, and that is quite okay. Is that Pam is not a morning person. It does not matter how hard I try to change that. The fact is, I am not a morning person. And I really hit my stride, about 10 o’clock in the morning, it lasts a little bit after lunch, I have a low in the afternoon, I can knock out some really awesome things around dinnertime, and then at 9:30 Friends, Pam is in the bed, and I may not be fully asleep yet but like I am winding down and my mind is truly winding down. And so I would love to say to you that I am this person who can get up with the sunrise and jump on my feet. And get going and who rah-rah, like I am on fire and ready to rock and roll, and do the world, but I am not. It’s just not who I am. And honestly, it has been that way my entire life. Getting up for school was the hardest thing that I had to endure as a child. It was so difficult. And I remember being in college, and in four years of college, I literally took to eight o’clock classes. That was it because I just couldn’t do it like I could not give my best work at 8 am And so I would avoid putting those classes on my schedule. That was very long-winded for me to say to you. I’m just not a morning person. 

And I didn’t need to live under condemnation because that was just who I was. Now, when I spend time with God, and I open up my word and I’ll truly dive in, around those, timeframes of the day that I was describing. I could spend hours, devouring God’s word. It sets my soul on fire. I feel like things are jumping off the pages for me, and it just really excites me in my relationship with Christ, when I put that into the perspective of thinking for so long that I needed to subscribe to this theory of first thing in the morning reading my word, doesn’t quite make sense to just have this routine because other people thought that that was how you should do things. A routine that does not fit your lifestyle is simply not going to work for you sisters. But here’s something that you truly need to take away out of everything that I say in this podcast, is that when you set up routines in your life. You give yourself the opportunity to thrive. Let me say that one more time. When you set up routines in your life, you give yourself the opportunity to thrive, and I can’t think of anything greater than thriving in your relationship with God, daily growing in the word with him daily growing closer to him. Is that not all of our hearts designers?

Do we need routines? Yes. Yep. You betcha. And let’s be, let’s be real, we all have routines in our lives, all of us. I am proudly married to a dentist, and I must say that before I even was in a relationship with him or married, or he was a dentist. I took great pride in my teeth. I love my teeth. And one thing that I did not want as a teenager was for anyone to tell me that I had bad breath. And so I was quite religious about brushing my teeth, I still carry that routine. Right now, all these years later in the morning, I brush my teeth, in the evening, I brush my teeth. And why do I have that routine in my life because I want healthy oral hygiene, so you can think in this moment of where you are, all of the different routines that you have in your life? And those routines exist for a purpose, whether it’s good oral hygiene or good hygiene, or, you know, spending time in God’s word and so you want to draw closer to Him. Whether it’s doing laundry every Thursday to make sure that you have clothes for a week, whatever routines are in your life, they have a purpose. 

My goal in this podcast is that you walk away saying, having a routine with God has a purpose. Now, my routine needs to be authentic to who I am. And it needs to fit into a schedule of my life that will ultimately draw me closer to God, so let’s just go back to Pam if Pam, getting up at 6 am and reading a word just because she’s supposed to check it off of the list, that doesn’t work, that is legalism. Pam taking time out of her day when she knows that her mind is alert and free and ready to just jump into God’s word and allow His word to speak to her that can transform her life, that is a routine that she needs to add. So, ladies, I don’t know what your personality is. I don’t know what your life is. 

But I can tell you that when I look at Daniel, and for 70 years, there was a spirit of excellence and faithfulness that went with him, and I see the key to that was in Daniel six verse 10 that three times a day, he went into his room and spent time with his father. And there’s something there, and it is so boldly, put in our word as a reminder that you and I need to be in a holy and healthy daily routine with God the Father. He wants to be in a relationship with you. And so in being in relationship and fellowship with you. It’s got to be a part of your day ladies. So today, I want you to ask yourself, Do I have God the Father? Do I have time with Jesus? Am I asking the Holy Spirit to be with me? As part of my daily routine. And if not, how can I make that my daily routine. 

Sisters, once again, I am so beyond grateful that you are here on this podcast with me. If you are liking all of this, I would highly encourage you to subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you listen to podcasts. I would be forever grateful if you would share these podcasts, that would mean so much. If you are not following me already. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram at Jesus and Pam, and until next time ladies keep worshiping and finding joy in every moment.


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