How To Keep The Sabbath Holy

In this episode, I share 2 tips for keeping the Sabbath. This comes from a Dear Pam subscriber who wrote, “How can we totally rest and respect the sabbath day with so many activities and chores that need to be taken care of?”

Listen/Watch here:

Sabbath, Part I
Sabbath, Part II

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The Sabbath was first demonstrated in creation when God rested on the seventh day. He saw that His work was good and rested. It is vitally important that we follow the pattern and rest every seven days. This rest isn’t just laziness, it’s worship. In Exodus 20, God commands the Israelites to partake in the Sabbath and keep it holy. How does one keep it holy? By worshipping the Creator, God.

We must be prepared and intentional about resting/worshipping. How do you prepare for the Sabbath?

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